The Women's Center is dedicated to providing students with the menstrual and sexual health products they need. We believe that access to these products is a basic right, and we try to address these needs in three major ways.

Women's Center / Health and Wellness Lounge Giveaways

Visit us on the first floor of the Student Resource Building — we keep our lounge stocked with products like menstrual pads, tampons, and condoms, which are free for you to take. 

SRB Bathrooms

Our Women's Center Staff keeps the women's and gender neutral restrooms in the SRB stocked with pads and tampons, which are available for free. We also provide condoms in collaboration with the Health and Wellness condom distribution program in the bottom-floor men and women's restrooms. If you would like access to free condoms and do not use the men's or women's restrooms, please come to our lounge!

Wellness Vending Machine

In collaboration with Student Health Services, we operate a Wellness Vending Machine.  The machine dispenses several wellness products, including Emergency Contraception (Plan B) for $20.

The Wellness Vending Machine is located on the second floor of the Library. Please note that this machine accepts cash only. 

Please See Our Complete List of Products Below: 

  • Emergency Contraception (Econtra EZ, Plan B): $20
  • Eye Drops: $6
  • Ibuprofen: $2
  • Cetirizine (allergy medication): $6
  • Astroglide Lubricant: $7 
  • Pregnancy Tests (2pk): $10
  • Durex Condoms: $2
  • Digital Thermometer: $4
  • Hand Sanitizer: $2

Emergency contraception (plan B) is also available at the Student Health Pharmacy for $10; you do not need a prescription, and you can ask them to take cash or card instead of billing to your BARC account.