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Associate Director

All gender pronouns

As the Associate Director of Women, Gender, and Sexual Equity, Viviana (all gender pronouns) is dedicated to bridging the gap between scholarship and activism, recognizing the immense potential of combining rigorous academic insights with tangible on-the-ground experience and strategy. Viviana has spent the past ten years sharpening a feminist approach to critique the historical and philosophical frameworks that our society is built on. They see the Women's Center as the perfect space to help cultivate student's emerging feminist consciousness and the issues that they feel most connected to. The Women's Center becomes the necessary supplement to put what students learn in the classroom into practice and amplify their impact.

Viviana got her Master of Arts in American Studies with an Sexuality and Gender at Columbia University in 2020 and her Bachelor of Arts in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a minor in Chicana/o Studies from UC Davis in 2018. Viviana is also currently working on their Doctorate in Feminist Studies at UCSB. Their research focuses on movement building within the sex worker movement to decriminalize sex work, specifically via digital spaces and mutual aid. On their time off, Viviana likes to play tenor saxophone in various bands across California, fantasize about interior design projects, and figure out if her cat actually likes her.