Loolwa Al-Soufi

Loolwa Al-Soufi is a second year CCS Biology major and French Minor on the pre-med track. Growing up as the only Middle-Eastern/Muslim woman in school, she often was targeted and felt weak and that she had to hide her identity and background. She grew to face ignorance with strength and to educate others rather than feel hurt and alone. She is also a strong advocate of empowering women of all cultures and backgrounds, especially for Muslim women. She also is passionate about educating and serving healthcare for underserved communities and wants to work towards establishing a better system of ensuring that women in low-income communities are provided with enough OB/GYN doctors. She also wants to support women in their mental and emotional health journeys as well and establish relationships with a wide range of backgrounds. She is trilingual in French, Arabic, and English and enjoys learning different languages and about different cultures, and she has a love for traveling.